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Roberto Caruso, owner of Assuli, is a DOC Sicilian who loves his homeland and whose bond with agriculture and countryside exists for generations.

Giacomo Caruso, Roberto’s father, founded the ‘Sicilmarmi’ in 1948 and discovered a new type of marble, the ‘Perlato di Sicilia’. Thanks to the increasing demand, he was able to acquire new quarries and to expand the company. Following the market success and the great contribution he gave to the economy of his homeland, Giacomo Caruso was appointed “Cavaliere del Lavoro”.

The Caruso family has always had a strong relationship with the ‘countryside’, especially with the vineyard, expanding its own cultivated plots respecting the best fees in order to obtain a wine that reflect the family culture and tradition. Through Assuli, Roberto Caruso decided to consolidate all the efforts made by bottling an ancient knowledge, translated in a genuine wine with an unmistakable character.

«Assuli is the continuation of a journey started with a different brand. While the winery, the vineyards, the lands, the personnel and our consultants are still the same, the commitment of our family has increased. We want to take a more active and fundamental role in the conduction of this company, introducing into the agriculture and wine world all of our family experience, starting from my grandparents who ignited this passion in me» as Dr. Roberto Caruso, owner of Assuli, reported.

In order to honor the family history, Roberto Caruso decided to use the Perlato di Sicilia in the realization of the winery, using that one material of which Cav. Giacomo Caruso sensed the potenciality.

Although the company underwent a major corporate transformation, the production setting will not change as well as the bond with the land will not fade.

Assuli will continue this path that has brought great rewards. The production range will not change, even though we will give a major attention to those wines produced with autochthonous grapes, especially to the Nero D’Avola and the Grillo, among the others.




Assuli is the ambassadress of this land. The meticulous care of the vineyards, the expertise in the use of the winemaking techniques and a very modern winery with sophisticated tools and machines create excellent wines that can speak about a land and make you feel emotions. 
The tradition, combined with a deep knowledge, creates a wine of strong personality.

Assuli makes the most of the characteristics of its land. The soil of Trapani, located between 100 and 250 mt asl of altitude, is perfect for both autochthonous grapes, Nero D’Avola, Zibibbo, Insolia, Cataratto, Grillo, Perricone/Pignatello, and others, such as Syrah, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet.

Assuli vineyards are mostly located in the municipality of Mazara del Vallo and consists of four plots – 100 ha of vineyards out of 110 ha of land -, as follows:

CARCITELLA (Mazara del Vallo), ca 40 ha, 120/150 mt asl, mainly flat. Entirely exposed to the sun. Soil of medium texture, tending to clay. Water supply is guaranteed by two artificial lakes. Cultivated grapes: Nero d’Avola, Perricone/Pignatello, Insolia, Grillo, Moscato d’Alessandria (Zibibbo), Chardonnay. Other grapes: Vermentino, Traminer, Moscato bianco, Muller Thutgau and Tannat.

BESI (Castelvetrano), ca 17 ha, 200/250 mt asl. Entirely exposed to the sun. Soil of medium texture. An artificial lake guarantees the water supply. Cultivated grapes: Nero D’Avola, Perricone/Pignatello, Cataratto.

FONTANABIANCA (Salemi), ca 56 ha, 150/250 mt asl. Mainly flat with a small steep area. Entirely exposed to the sun. Soil of medium texture, tending to clay. Water supply guaranteed by a large artificial lake. Cultivated grapes: Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grillo, Cataratto, Chardonnay.

CONCA (Segesta/Calatafimi), ca 3 ha. Located in a small basin among high hills that reduce the exposure to the sun favoring a good temperature range.

The Winery together with all the areas used for production, storage and tasting of Assuli wines are located in the Contrada Carcitella. Elegance and unique style are direct conseguences of the passion, all the efforts, the use of great resources, the consciousness and respect for the traditions that lie behind the Assuli wines.




Assuli, with energy and determination, aims to affirm the importance of the origin land. By giving value to the production of the Sicilian grape variety, it safeguards the great aromatic heritage that makes this island unique.

The autochthonous grape varieties develop an intimate relationship with the land adapting itself to it, almost to merge with it. They absorb the features of the limited area in which they grow to the point of characterizing the identity of the land itself.

Assuli’s philosophy is to spread a new awareness and knowledge of the peculiarities of soils by promoting not only wines produced with international grapes, but also those produced with the autochthonous ones.

The company accepts the challenge of globalization, opening up to new market opportunities.The modern winemaking techniques, combined with tradition, enhance the expressive power of this latest in order to obtain a better quality while remaing true to the best winemaking methods.

Assuli wines have a strong personality and always leave their mark together with all of the scents and contrasts of Sicily.

Their personality becomes the most effective response to the global standardization of taste.

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