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Customer service
How to order?

You can search for products in different ways and selecting. You can search through the zone name to your favorite wine or, more generally, by type (red, white, foam). If you know what you want about you can also enter a search term. Finally, you can also call up the list of manufacturers and look at their products. Useful if you from the vineyard where you last had that delicious wine you want to try something different.

If you have questions email or call (after 19h) feel free to look at. Perhaps we can help you.

On our site, you can just buy a bottle, there are no obligations to buy time with 6 or 12 bottles. This allows you to put yourself entirely to your selection together, or maybe you choose one of our trial packs? And of course there are always the necessary promotions.

Delivery and Pickup

When checking out, you can choose to make the wine. Your bottles are then delivered to your home for a small fee (free from a purchase of € 125 in Belgium). You can also choose to pick up your wine. If you choose this option, we will contact you to make an appointment. You can still specify your preference for a day and time.

Party, special occasion?

You have a party with quite a few people but find it difficult to estimate the quantities? Please contact us and maybe we can find a solution together. We can look at your needs and create a package; We decide together what appears to be a sufficient number of bottles, and you take all certainty reserve. You pick up the bottle and enjoy your party. After the party takes you just completely intact and unopened bottles that you did not need back; and you simply pay what you have consumed. You do not have enough glasses? We lend you to do just?

How can we help you yet?

Our customers are important to us and your satisfaction is the highest priority. Yet it may be that you have any questions. And although we take great care to our products and our service can still sometimes go wrong. Even if you have a complaint, we will help you as much as possible and provide you with the best solution.

The bar on the right of the screen you will find a form where you can contact us. If you have a question about an order, then we can help you quickly if you give them the relevant information (eg, order number or invoice number).

We then as soon as possible contact you.

In time, we will document the most common questions; You may possibly have been helped by the "Frequently Asked Questions" just to check.

If you want to return an order if you have for example a bottle with cork taint, we will help you quickly and smoothly continue. Extensive information you can read our Terms and Conditions .